Sunday, 14 August 2011

need a girl... like?

tell me how much u miss me, how much u want me? then teach me how to be sweet always to u, to be romantic, funny and the only ONE who can cheer you always.. to be the guys that u always me wanted to be.. show me the meaning of LOVE.. cuz i lose hope for the past one, pls make my new love story Wonderful..

p/s - this is just a statement, but i really meant it for anyone who could be my TRUE ♥ after this..coz i x want to think much about love.. but without it, i fell so lonely =_= (hopeless me)

below : this is a Bit  lyrics CUT from "Taeyang" song, I need a girl, seems like it'd be the same for me 2... (^^) haha

I’m tired of being alone, I’m sick of being single, I think I need me a girl. I need a girl like.

One that speaks without thinking
Not a little child, but one that will embrace me
Not a girl that plays around sometimes when she’s bored
But one that will only love me
Even if she stays still and guys hand her their phone
That kind of girl that will proudly take out and show my picture...

A girl that acts shy, but knows how to be bold
Always pretends to careful of her behavior

Looks are not an issue
But a cute girl who knows style
Even though our hobbies are different
Our tastes are the same
A girl that I can relate to a lot
When we watch movies or listen to music

(p/s) - this is just something that i wanted to.. X MEAN THAT I REALLY2 NEED IT.. let just god decide it all...

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